Friday, April 23, 2010

Shooting Paul Reinwoski

Every skater has a trick that is locked down for them and that is 360 flips for Paul. He attempted this insane construction gap and just about had it. Soon you will see this massive gap 360 flipped captured. Keep an eye out.

Ollie over rail (natural light)

Back Tail

We were skating this statue one day and I knew it would make a sweet image. Next week we brought the lights and got the image I was hoping for.

Light setup for the back tail on the statue

This image describes Paul to the "T" he never standing still and always is full of energy. He has these crazy huge calves and has a mad hop. So we thought of him jumping out of the room and onto his bed. We ended up trying a few times intill we got his legs straight and hands in the pockets, My idea was to confuse the viewer on what really is going on. It has this edited feel to it but no edited was done and I like that in a way. If I would have edited him in there I would have disliked the image strongly. His preferred board is Think, preferred skate sneakers are Adidas Buzenits, and favorite pop is grape soda.


  1. Noah, I really enjoy reading all of your posts.
    It is nice to see how you set up the lights, ect.
    It is also so great that you put your input in about each photo.

    Forever and ever and ever.


    that a blog about the persons photography. check it out. i dont know if youll like it, but i thought that every time i find one, ill just send it your way. love you.