Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fun photo shoot with my roommates.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Shooting Paul Reinwoski

Every skater has a trick that is locked down for them and that is 360 flips for Paul. He attempted this insane construction gap and just about had it. Soon you will see this massive gap 360 flipped captured. Keep an eye out.

Ollie over rail (natural light)

Back Tail

We were skating this statue one day and I knew it would make a sweet image. Next week we brought the lights and got the image I was hoping for.

Light setup for the back tail on the statue

This image describes Paul to the "T" he never standing still and always is full of energy. He has these crazy huge calves and has a mad hop. So we thought of him jumping out of the room and onto his bed. We ended up trying a few times intill we got his legs straight and hands in the pockets, My idea was to confuse the viewer on what really is going on. It has this edited feel to it but no edited was done and I like that in a way. If I would have edited him in there I would have disliked the image strongly. His preferred board is Think, preferred skate sneakers are Adidas Buzenits, and favorite pop is grape soda.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Inspired by David Hockney

I took 181 shots and put them together and this is what I came up with. It was super fun project. This summer when I am in Scotland I hope to shot some more of these photo collages. I really want to try it with film and put together a huge image with printed 35mm shots

Volkswagen Shoot

There is this dream within us to go on adventures and take off on road trips and what better way to do this then in a 1989 Volkswagen Vanagon. Dustin Snyder purchased this van about a month ago, for a summer road trip.

This yellow machine has two beds one is bunked in the pop up roof, and the other bed folds down from the bench seat. Then there is a stove, sink, and fridge. There was a new engine put in it recently, so she is ready for traveling.

I used two alienbee strobes attached to a softbox, and beauty dish.

Created A Website (sws.mnstate.edu/kupchono)

I designed a website on Photoshop, linked it in Dreamweaver, and then made it live through Fetch. This whole process took me around 30 hours and I have no desire to do it ever again. Photoshop went smooth, but I made the images a little small because when you go into Dreamwear you have to make the background bigger, I was unaware of that. Making it live was confusing. I moved the images out of the folder and put it into the public_html folder and all my jpgs broke from the htmls, I had to resource every page again. The craziest part was one image didn't work and it took me 2 1/2 hours to make the one page work because I had no clue what was wrong or where the error was. But the website is now live check it out at sws.mnstate.edu/kupchono